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Here are some of the testimonials given by past and present Easy-Forex traders.

Well, in my opinion, you will not find any better service elsewhere than Easy Forex. It is true they offer wide spread for mini traders, but guys, how many platforms can give you access to the market with only $25USD? Trading on a demo account is absolutely wasting your time! I have friend made millions on a FXCM demo account, but he did not make any win trade with his real account! They psychological influence is one of the biggest factors in Forex trading! Easy Forex offers everyone a small level of initial investment, you can experience the psychological side of trading and not risking all your capital! Remember there are limited number of people winning in this market, practice small is a good start point for everyone. Fairly speaking, for those who trade with only few hundred bucks, you should never expected you will be treated as big traders! All after all, Forex brokers make money from spread and your trading volume. You trade good volume (I am talking about millions), you can definitely negotiate your spread with Easy Forex. And I am using Easy Forex’s dealing room service, I have 3 pips spread, and in-depth bank analysis for both fundamental and technical, which are absolutely great! And they offer me volume trading bonus, Ireceive couple hundred dollars from them on monthly basis when my total trading size hit to certain level. In addition, when you introduce your friends or other people to Easy Forex, you can also receive good commission from it! To be realistic guys, if you are not trading at a good level, you should never desire the best service from anyone. For those considering yourself as BIG trader, contact your Easy Forex manager, they can do a good deal from me, they can do it for you too.

Kelvin Lee, Australia

very good web based broker, slightly higher spreads but no fees for withdrawals and free 24h access to dealing room if your trading 100K lots. Have found the staff very knowledgeable and professional. Fixed spreads, Solid as stone stops and Financial licenses! enough said

David, Australia


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